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Lenny's Cross

Copyright 2009 by WoodDog Custom Woodworking, Hopewell Junction, NY, 12533
     Lenny stopped by the shop one day and said, "Lee, can you build me a 6 foot wooden cross?" I said, "Lenny, you have my attention."
       Cypress w/Mahogany trim and custom lettering that matches his existing head stones. Natural stain and an exterior, high grade, penetrating oil provides the finish.
A small sample of custom projects built for clients.
       Hummingbird Whirligig. Built for a client who loves whirligigs and hummingbirds. Tired of the usual design that has the bird simply bobbing up and down, she wanted something different. After all, hummingbirds stay stationary while feeding. It's their wings that move. Very fast! That's how I designed this one. The stronger the wind, the faster they move. Guaranteed.
       A variety of soft and hardwoods used for the major structure. Bird itself is Mahogany. Pedals are Birdseye Maple w/Vermillion stigma. Moving parts consist of bearings and rod as opposed to the bended wire typically used. Marine grade vinyl attaches the wings.  This allows for a multilateral movement as well as a true "flapping" sound - no squeaky hinges here. Finished for year round outdoor use with a high quality penetrating oil.
       This is really cool ... No kidding!
Fantasy Football Trophy
       Fantasy Football Trophy. Mahogany shells w/Maple trim. Four corner grain match. Brass name plates. Composit football. And, the football spins! On/Off switch, and a rheostat that controls the rate. All interior components hand made. This was not a kit.
          13" x 13" at the base, 26" tall.
       Right around the time that I was looking for something new and different to build, Lee Smith stopped by the shop and inquired about a reproduction Civil War Officers Field Desk. There was no way that I was going to turn that down! The project didn't disappoint - fun to build from start to finish.
         It features 100% solid Cypress, old style forged hardware including pyramid head slotted screws, custom real leather drawer pulls, and a 2-tone finish.
        Approximate size is 22" H x 22" W x 14" D.
         Lee, thanks for stopping by.
Officers Field Desk
       This wheel was signed by Sr Engineer Shigeru Uehara, father of the Honda S2000 CR, at the 2010 S2ki Homecoming, Honda Headquarters, September 25th, Torrance, CA.
            Christine stopped by.  She wanted me to build a display case for the wheel as an anniversary present to her husband.  I said absolutely I will! Talk about a truly unique project! We used Vermillion to create the case. Added Ebony bindings. Solid brass hinges, of course. Chrome mounting hardware. The case is lined with Alcantara which was leftover from a project that replaced the lining in their own S2000.
            Rumor has it that the couple drove from NY to CA  to do the show and get the autograph. Nice!
            Christine, thanks for stopping by. The display case was a really fun project.
            Happy Anniversary to both of you.
Autographed Wheel
       A vintage, beautiful farm house. A collection of beautiful dishes, glasses, and figurines. What's missing? A place to display them. Terri said, "Build me a plate rack." And, so I did. A rather large one at that - approx. 60" horizontal, 50" vertical.
           We designed it match the curves of the sideboard below. Also tried to keep it as open and airy as possible to allow a full view of the dishes.
           The paint job belongs totally to Terri. A very artistic use of Milk paint in multiple layers truely brought this piece to life.      
           Currently located in East Fishkill, NY.
Plate Rack
       A cabinet that was saved through the generations. A perfect size, and a perfect spot in a 3-story walk-up in the East Village - this project had to happen. Tanya said, "Save as much of the history as you can, rebuild the rest." I was able save the face frames and doors. The rest, as you can see, went to recycle.
            After a new frame, crown, shelves, and bead-board back it was ready for installation. Not easy to schedule due to the Winter of '13/'14.  We literally drove the van down on my recalled Michelins, w/snow on both sides of us to get it done. A ride I won't forget soon.
            Tanya did the paint. Awesome job!
            I almost forgot, those are the original glass door pulls.  
           Nov 16, '15 Mark stopped by the shop with an idea for a display case for a very rare and deeply sentimental clarinet.  A prototype or two later, his is what we came up with.
          The clarinet is a French-made Albert system Selmer instrument of solid Ebony. The display case is Hard Maple with Rpsewood trim. Burgundy velveteen accents the interior. Leather straps w/snaps keeps the instrument locked in.
          The player, Carl Rossetti, Mark's grandfather, came to the USA from Sicily in 1912.
           Mark, thanks for the business and the opportunity to be part of this important and fun project.
Clarinet Display Case
          In Mark's words ...
          "My grandfather was a musician, bandleader & composer during the late 1920's and 30's.  Later he and his brother started a construction company. Throughout his life and even when retired, he was involved with music in one way or another.  He lead a dance band while in Florida and played music from the American songbook of standards.  In addition to the clarinet, he also played alto saxophone. 
          The case was gift for my mother as a remembrance of her father who passed in 1990."Click here to add text.